Photo by Briana Cerezo 2018

Photo by Briana Cerezo 2018

Sego Lily Pottery is the passion project of Miranda Trostle, an artist living and working in SE Portland, OR. Miranda has been playing with clay since age 12, taking classes at a community art center and in high school. She went on to major in Art with a double focus in Ceramics and Photography at Earlham College in Richmond, IN (class of 2010). Upon completing her degree, she fulfilled a years-long dream of moving to Portland, where she began assembling the equipment necessary to operate a pottery studio. After spending a few years developing designs and glazes (and learning to repair her used Skutt kiln), she launched Sego Lily Pottery in 2015.


Sego Lily Pottery creates unique, functional ceramics that inspire those who value handcrafted objects to celebrate the rituals of daily life. We explore the balance of utility and aesthetics, starting with highfire white stoneware and incorporating elegant, functional designs with landscape-inspired glaze patterns.


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